Punk-O-Rama vol. 8 CD 1

Songs that stick out:

F-minus – Sweating Blood Chick hardcore, with male backup, original, quite impressed

The Distillers – I am a revenant First track and my favourite track. Really good, makes my want to buy their CD which I never thought I would do. Fast, catchy, really good vocals.

Motion City Soundtrack – Don’t call it a comeback Never heard of them before but nifty sound with crazy guitar at beginning sounds half way between a wah pedal and slide whistle. I woke up this morning with the song stuck in my head and a yearning to listen to it if that means anything.

Bouncing Souls – Great Track. Wish it was more like their faster old stuff, but we all have to move on.

NOFX – The Idiots have taken over. Read my review of their new cd (below). I’m so happy NOFX hasn’t sucked yet!


Pretty Good

The (international) noise conspiracy – A new morning, changing weather Okay, sounds like all their stuff but I like it

Randy – Welfare Problems Sounds like some other band, but pretty catchy

Bad Religion - could they suck? Pretty good track, I mean its BR….c’mon! Sounds like 80% of BR so be happy.

Ikara Colt – Sink Venice I don’t hate it…its not bad…not that amazing either. Fast and up beat. Nice bass.

Hot Water Music – good. Hmmm… maybe there are a few good tracks after all. Do you like HWM? Then you’ll like it.

Rancid – do I even need to say anything ?


Crappy crap:

The Black Keys – Thickfreakness Blues, doesn’t belong. WTFWET? If I wanted to hear that I would go to Crawdaddies. Good song, but doesn’t fit!

Matchbook Romance – pop punk with a guy screaming in the background during the chorus?

Listening to this song makes me wonder if I should maybe give the band a chance…. But seeing as they are just singing about stereotypical pussy girl-love-shit like most crap-pop-punk of today I don’t think this shouldn’t be on POR8.

Division of Laura Lee - Trapped In Slow ass crap with a semi fast snare drum/symbols. Sounds more like Coldplay. It doesn’t belong on POR8!!!

Sage Francis – Makeshift Patriot. WTF is hiphop doing on a POR CD? At least the lyrics relate to punk being political, but c’mon!



Punk-O-Rama vol. 8 CD 2

Stick Out:

Death By Stereo – Unstoppable Of course I love DBS so I like the song, however it is one of their slower songs (well…half if the song is slow) I would have picked a different track but it does show their diversity in music so that’s good.

Refused – Coup D’Etat Love it. Beautiful hardcore. Good guitar, drums, and vocals.

Dropkick Murphys – like DKM? Then you’ll like this song. I’m indifferent either way. They’re good, but …yeah.

Turbonegro – Train of Flesh Placed conveniently after the hip hop song to keep me from puking. This is a sweet song (though the chorus is annoying) but it is up beat and makes up (or tries to) for the barf fest caused by the previous track.


Raised First – Get This Right! Awesome song! I love this band, and if you like hardcore/speedcore/incredibly fast music check these guys out! My favourite song on this CD. (being that there are two CD’s)


Pretty Good

Bombshell Rocks – Warpath Blah… its okay. Didn’t stick out, but I like their other stuff.

No Fun at All – Lose Another Friend blah… song is No Fun At All. After a few listens it started to grow on me, but nothing I would choose to listen to.

US Bombs – Roll Around Good song. One of the "punkest" songs with a balad tune to it that makes me want to drink for some reason… I’m happy

Guttermouth – Contribution Not bad. If you get like/get used to his voice.

Tiger Army – Incorporal I’m not a big fan of TA but I know some people (Bunnin) are and its an okay song. The guy has a spooky voice, and its interesting music with a full sized stand up Bass.

Pulley – The Ocean Song Sounds like most Pulley to me. There are a few Pulley songs that I really like, but this one sounds like every one of their other songs.



Pissed me off

Bad Religion – Shattered Faith I have nothing wrong with the song (actually I like it better than the other one), it’s the fact that they put two BR songs on POR8 when they could have put another band on instead….

Pennywise – Holiday in the Sun Quite easily the WORST Pennywise song ever! It is the exact same tune/riff as one of their other songs from an older song, with different lyrics, sung slower. The drums are typical fast but his voice is slow and shitty. This song makes me want to puke, after their last CD I would expect something a lot faster and less vomit inducing.

Millincolin – Bowmore I love M but this song is terrible! Just like the Pennywise track it is the same tune/riff as one of their older songs but he is singing slower so the song is ruined. The song might even be good if it wasn’t just a rip off of another song! I need a bucket!


I wouldn’t even shit on:


Transplants – Quick Death Worst song ever! Davey Havok sings vocals (along with some other guy who cant sing) and though it is good to hear Havok’s hardcore voice (Shut Your Mouth era) PUNK SONGS SHOULD NOT HAVE LOOPS!!! It’s crappy techno/ poorly looped drums and I think the vocals are looped too = crap! I’m going to go puke!

…still puking… still puking….

Atmosphere – Bird Sings Why The Caged I knows I’m going to go puke some more. Yet another hiphop song WTFisEpitaphThinking? The lyrics (unless I don’t get it) aren’t even political or anything to half ass justify this crap being on POR8. The only thing worth mentioning is that at the end in the background you can faintly hear a guy screaming which is kinda a cool mixup of rap/screaming but aside from that….

I love hip hop. But I also love beer and rye, but I don’t mix them!

Error – Trainsplats – Quick Death (remix) This song is the line! A freaking techno remix of a techno song on a POR cd!!? Fuck! At least they threw some NIN sounding guitar in but still, they could have put another song here from a different band that needs to get discovered better and in fact the second CD is only 50 mins long so they could have thrown another half hour of music on this CD alone!